23rd of November 2016

Quarterly Report - Q3 2016

15th of February 2017

Quarterly Report - Q4 2016

23rd of May 2017

Quarterly Report - Q1 2017

23rd of May 2017

Annual General Meeting

15th of August 2017

Quarterly Report - Q2 2017

14th of November 2017

Quarterly Report - Q3 2017

EAM Solar will publish its quarterly results around 07:00 am CET. The results will be available on the company web site, and on the Oslo Stock Exchanges’ Newsweb, and on selected newswires and online newspapers.

The company will also hold an open presentation at the company office or another pre-announced venue in Oslo on the same day. The dates, times and venues are subject to change. Changes will be communicated through stock exchange notifications.